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Map of South Pattaya Beach and Pratamnak Hill

South Pattaya Road curves sharply off from Beach Road, taking the traffic away from this busy district which is now known as Walking Street. A relatively recent development, this pedestrians only zone is welcome relief, allowing visitors to browse amongst the endless little shops offering fast tailoring services, sports goods, jewelry and souvenirs. Here too the bars are almost endless, as are the big seafood restaurants, several of them built out over the ocean and offering pleasant surroundings to enjoy you meal. South Pattaya tends to be older, brasher and busier than the remainder of the city. You can walk uninterrupted all the way through to the Siam Bayshore Hotel and Arthachinda Road, which effectively marks the boundary of South Pattaya. Take any of the sois, no matter how tiny they may seem, to make you way through to Pratamnak Road, the back part of Pattaya which links up with Second Road... more

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